9to5 is an ongoing project about representation and labour. The drawing maschine uses network or any other binary data for their choreography. The machine works for the minimum wage. It is for hire.

9to5 is meant to raise our awareness of the way society influences every aspect of our lives from the macro economic level experienced at work to the everyday objects we take for granted all of which express a repressive and authoritarian culture. 9to5 deals with the desire to find a new definition for the value labour and the act of working. It takes a position towards the question what role labour plays in a time, when full employment becomes an unattainable utopian conception. With reference to the utopian ideas of the 50s and 60s of the 20th century which yearned for the liberation of humanity from any form of labour 9to5 plays with the possibility to fulfill this dream and takes over the role of the precarious subject.

Besides the economic impact 9to5 is also about the representation of immaterial labour. Since most of the virtual activities stay invisible there is a desire to have a physical representation.